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The Avleca Group was founded in January 2016 to help clients build strategy and deliver programs that drive engagement and create tangible, sustainable results.

While our clients cover a range of industries and business sectors, our key expertise lies in the end to end supply chain space. We service clients and intermediaries across the spectrum:

Make: Industrial clients, manufacturers, raw material providers, offshore manufacturing

Buy: Consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms, co-packers and associated companies

Move: Transport logistics companies, 3PLs, food service companies

Sell: Grocers, big-box retailers, department & specialty stores,  restaurants, reverse logistics

Our Founder


Jim has deep roots in end to end supply chain across the retail and industrial sectors. His retail career started in the Produce Department at Miracle Food Mart (now Metro) as a young teenager. While at Walmart Canada Corp. and prior to founding The Avleca Group, Jim held leadership positions for Transportation and End to End Supply Chain Strategy. During his tenure, Jim and his teams delivered transformational change and millions in benefits to Walmart through Transport & Fuel Programs, Inventory Efficiency, Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain Efficiency. During his fourteen years at Praxair Inc., Jim led multiple functions in the Canadian business unit, ranging from logistics, product sourcing, continuous improvement, sales and sustainability. 

Public speaking, facilitation and value creation for clients are core competencies for Jim, and prerequisites for the vast requirements and demands of a growing consulting practice. Jim speaks regularly for clients and organizations.

In November 2016, Jim published his first book, ‘Reflections of a Workaholic’. By January 2017, the book hit #1 in the ‘Captains of Industry’ category in Amazon’s Kindle store. His business stories and ‘reflections’ are featured in multiple articles and posts available free on social media. 

Jim holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario and an Executive MBA from The Smith School of Business at Queens University. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA), certified Six Sigma Blackbelt and CCLP - CITT Certified Logistics Professional. 

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Partnerships & Associations

Oublier Corp.

The Avleca Group is the exclusive content delivery and facilitation provider for Oublier Corp's proprietary Four Pillars Strategy and Joint Business Planning Toolboxes. 

To learn more about the Toolboxes and Personal / Business Solutions offered by Oublier Corp. visit www.oublier.ca

Oakville Chamber of Commerce

The Avleca Group is a proud member of The Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

To learn more about the Oakville Chamber of Commerce visit www.oakvillechamber.com

Oakville Girls Softball Association

The Avleca Group is a proud sponsor of the Oakville Girls Softball Association (OSGA).

To learn more about the OSGA visit www.oakvilleangels.com

Success Stories


I’ve known Jim for a few years through various logistics associations, and was impressed by his ability to connect the dots to help organizations clarify goals and craft strategy, so when SCL Search was fine-tuning its strategy last year I contacted Jim to see if he could assist. Through The Avleca Group, he introduced us to the Four Pillars Process, and helped us to discover opportunities and areas of focus that we hadn’t considered previously. Over the last few months we have seen our speed of delivery increase five-fold while simultaneously improving the quality of our services. I would highly recommend Jim and The Avleca Group for your strategy and facilitation needs. 

Tom Pauls, CCLP Managing Director


A large Canadian retailer was struggling with an abundance of non-productive inventory and lack of accountability in ensuring the problem would not persist after removing the current liability stock. With the development and implementation of inventory efficiency rules and ways of working, the company was able to reduce non-productive inventory from over 20% of their total stock to less than 8% in the span of a year and in the years since implementation. The resulting improvement in working capital has funded price investments in key categories and programs.

Large Canadian Retailer


The PEO-Etobicoke Chapter has had Jim out to speak twice now for our members. The first time he gave us a view of the End to End Supply Chain as part of our ‘Speaker Series’ and most recently provided the keynote address at our AGM on “The Personal Development One Pager”. Our members appreciate the engaging and open approach Jim takes to delivering content – we look forward to having him back to speak at a future event. 

Roy Fernandes PEO Etobicoke Chapter